What's New in ExpressPCB Version 3.1

Version 3.1.0 of the ExpressPCB software features a FREE schematic design program along with many other improvements. Here's what's new in this release:

  • A new program for drawing schematics: ExpressSCH
  • Schematics can be linked to ExpressPCB for netlist support
  • Custom made components can be added to our parts library
  • A Component Manager allows previewing components before inserting
  • Toolbar buttons have been added to show/hide each PCB layer
  • Cursor keys can make fine movements to pads, traces & components
  • A narrower trace has been added: 0.007"
  • Production Service boards are now made in just 3 days
ExpressSCH for Drawing Schematics
In addition to updating our PCB layout program, we have also added ExpressSCH for drawing schematics. We have added many new features to ExpressPCB, but you will find that the overall look and feel has not changed. Our new ExpressSCH schematic program has the same user interface as ExpressPCB and it's just as easy to use. This is what ExpressSCH looks like:
We recommend drawing schematics for your circuits before designing your PC boards. Your schematic file can then be linked to ExpressPCB to guide you through the board layout process. The new version of ExpressPCB (which includes netlist support) will then show you which pins should be connected together by highlighting them in blue.
There are also many other new features in the ExpressPCB program. It is now easy to make your own PCB components and add them to our library. In addition, parts from our library can be taken apart and modified to fit your needs. We have added a Component Manager that allows you to search for components by name, preview them and create a list of your favorites. This is the Component Manager:
You will find a few improvements to make PCB layout faster and easier. Pad, traces and components can be finely moved using the cursor keys. Just select the items to move with the mouse, then press Ctrl-up, Ctrl-down, Ctrl-right or Ctrl-left to make fine adjustments.

Along the bottom of the ExpressPCB toolbar you will notice several new buttons. These buttons make turning on or off the display of each layer very fast. The bottom button is used to toggle the Snap-to-grid on and off. Also, the Snap-to-grid spacing can set from a new listbox on the statusbar.


And best of all, both our ExpressPCB and ExpressSCH programs remain FREE. To take advantage of these new features, you must install the new release of ExpressPCB.

After installing, we strongly recommend that you review our Quick Start Guides for important new concepts that you will need to understand. The ExpressSCH Quick Start Guide is viewed from the Help menu within the ExpressSCH program. The ExpressPCB Quick Start Guide is read from the ExpressPCB program.

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