Welcome to ExpressPCB!

At ExpressPCB our mission is to solve the software and manufacturing problem for low cost, quick turnaround prototyping.

Future versions of Copper Connection with new manufacturing options and pricing will provide our customers expanded features over the current ExpressPCB Classic version, all for free!

Combining Copper Connection with our world class PCB Manufacturing and Support will greatly enhance the experience. We expect to have the updated version for ExpressPCB ready for release within 60 days.

Don’t worry. Your current version of Copper Connection up to 3.0.5875 will continue to function completely. If you lose your product key, contact us and we’ll be happy to give you a replacement key.

As a welcome gift, everyone who purchased Copper Connection is eligible for a Free Lifetime ExpressPCB Engineer Membership upon request.

Our Customers

The customers of ExpressPCB range from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs working in their garages.

Many large names in electronics such as HP, IBM, and Fairchild Semiconductor use ExpressPCB because we deliver high quality boards in just a few days. We frequently receive orders from students and faculty at universities including Stanford and MIT. We also make boards for a number of individuals working on interesting projects of their own. See our Customer Showcase.

Here are some benefits with ExpressPCB you may not be aware of:

We look forward to providing you with excellent customer service and high quality PCBs for a long time to come!

Support Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time

We provide support to our customers by email. We are very responsive to email, usually within a few hours. If you do not hear back after one business day, a spam filter is likely the issue.

You can contact ExpressPCB about our CAD software, our circuit board manufacturing service, placing orders, payment of orders, or orders previously submitted by sending email to:


ExpressPCB Team