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Great Support

Damen provided excellent support throughout various stages in developing of a board. ExpressPCB is lucky to have such a diligent and knowledgeable support member.

Support Thank you Five stars!

In the last 12 + years and many orders per month I have used ExpressPCB. I have only had two bad board orders and both time you have next day the replacment. Thanks for the fast service and get products. In the race car industry quality is of the upmost importance and you have surpassed […]

pc boards done EXCELLENTLY

You guys have been doing boards for my company for many many years. Even though they now have Cadence I have had no training on that so turned once again to my old friends at ExpressPCB. Never had a bad experience over the last decade or so and believe that they are the ONLY place […]

Lost Order

UPS lost my order for close to a month. The folks at Expresspcb sent me out a new order with one day delivery to at no cost. That is well above and beyond the call of duty. I appreciate the quick and prompt response.


ExpressPCB prepares for solar eclipse.

On Monday, August 21, the US will view – what is for some – a once in a lifetime event: a solar eclipse. ExpressPCB® is located inside the 100% totality zone for the eclipse and we are excited to experience this natural phenomenon with our neighbors and with the world. And it seems the world is coming here to […]


Quick Response

Thank you for quick response to cancel the board that I had made mistakes on. That gave me time to make the corrections and resubmit.

Requested Record Update

Your response to my request that my purchase records be updated was timely, accurate and courteous. You guys are great. A lot of companies could learn from how you do customer service.