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Can I order Production Service with no soldermask?

Yes. To ensure no soldermask on the top or bottom layer, use the rectangle tool to mask out the soldermask for the entire board on both the top and bottom soldermask layers. Go to View Options Select “View Top Soldermask Layer”: Use the rectangle to cover the entire board. Do the same for bottom solder […]


Wind Reader

Victor Fraenckel designed and built the “WindReader”, a device that measures the wind’s speed and direction. The instrument combines a commercially available theodolite telescope with custom electronics. The operator uses the WindReader to track a helium balloon as it ascends in the atmosphere to as high as 15,000 feet. The optical theodolite is adapted to include […]


Underwater ROV

A view of the ROV’s dome, left thruster, dive light and umbilical cord. In this photograph the sub is still wet after an ocean dive. Close-up inside the dome shows the camera and sensor board.   The sensor board (designed with ExpressPCB) uploads depth and heading information to the operator. David maneuvers the ROV in […]


Model Rocket Flight Computer

Jeff Karpinski of Littleton Colorado used ExpressPCB circuit boards to build a flight computer for his large model rocket. The rocket shown above is a 1/2 scale model of the British ASRAAM air-to-air missile. His rocket is 4′ 6″ in length and weighs 5 lbs when loaded and ready for flight. The body of the […]


Combat Robot

Built by Greg Campbell, this robot has been designed to fight in the Super Heavyweight class of the BattleBots Bowl. The robot’s main weapons are the beak and lifting arm. The World Peace robot is powered by a modified chainsaw engine driving a hydraulic pump at 2000 psi. Two hydraulic motors are used to drive the robot […]