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Fast and Easy

I received the PCBs in a timely manner and I am very happy with them. Quick turn around at lowest cost. I admit I couldn’t believe my eyes that PCBs could actually be manufactured at that cost. Please continue this excellent service as I (and others) will use it a lot in the future.

Easy to Order

I did receive my PCB’s and I am very happy with them. I showed them all around – it almost seemed like magic, entering the design on my computer and with a few clicks of the mouse, having them delivered. I never had to speak to anyone, I did not even know where in the […]

MiniBoard Box

My MiniBoard Box arrived the other day, it looks fantastic! I have a prototype of a Solar Charge Controller on a mini board and found it fix the box with a snug fit. I’ll need to cut a couple holes in the top lid to pass the Anderson Power Pole connects, but it already looks […]

Customer Service

I’m glad to see that you have actual people responding to your customers needs. Designing a PCB is so detail orientated, there are bound to be questions that only experienced support staff can address.