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Here is information needed to build a small computer system interface (SCSI) host bus adapter (HBA) that can be plugged into our POC V1.1 single-board computer (also available here for download).  The HBA makes it possible to connect SCSI peripherals, such as hard disks and optical drives, to the POC V1.1 and thus add mass storage.  The POC V1.1 firmware will automatically detect the presence of the HBA and any connected devices.

The HBA is constructed on a 4-layer Proto-Pro PCB.  It piggybacks on the POC mainboard and the real-time clock module is relocated to the HBA, as the HBA plugs into the RTC’s socket on the mainboard.  6-32 standoffs are used to attach the HBA to the mainboard.  See photos for clarification.

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