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POC V2.0 W65C816S Single-Board Homebrew Computer

POC V2.0 W65C816S Single-Board Homebrew Computer
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This is the prototype of our POC (proof-of-concept) version two single board computer.

POC V2 is powered by the Western Design Center’s 65C816 16-bit microprocessor and fits on an EPCB Proto-Pro four-layer board.

POC V2 features one megabyte of static RAM, 12 kilobytes of ROM mapped as an 8KB and 4 KB segment, a “hardware management unit” for selecting combinations of RAM, ROM and I/O, four high speed TIA-232 channels, a real-time clock, an expansion port, and glue logic in a complex programmable logic device (CPLD). The TIA-232 channels are brought out on a four-port 8P8C “harmonica” style jack. A Berg connector of the type found on 3.5 inch floppy disk drives allows POC V2 to be powered from a standard PC power supply.

Free to be built by anyone who is interested in trying it out, but may not be sold. Please contact us to obtain firmware at no charge, other than the cost of a blank EPROM and priority mail shipping. We can also supply a programmed CPLD at nominal charge. A programmed EPROM and/or CPLD can only be shipped to addresses within Canada and the USA. If you are not in Canada or the USA please contact us regarding firmware and a JEDEC fuse map for the CPLD.

BCS Technology Limited

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