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Autorouter (2 replies and 1 comment)
2 years ago

I am using ExpressPCB for a few years now, and for more then 50 PCB drawings. I want to step over to a autorouter. Is it possible for expresspcb to autoroute or to export to one?


All my PCB drawings do not fit in the enclosure 🙂 


2 years ago

I got confused by this website:


It sais: Features "Auto Router" is this wrongly printed on the website ?

ExpressPCB Admin
2 years ago

This is reported incorrectly by a third party. ExperssPCB does not have this functionality.

2 years ago
MarkSH 2 years ago



Here are some features of this software

Add on device drivers
Rats-nest generation from simple net lists
Drawing directly on the silk layer
Netlist window
*Trace optimizer*
Connectivity verification
*Auto router*

Yes, I would like to know how the 'features' highlighted in bold and in asterisks above work!
Maybe these feature are incorrect and wrongly stated on the website.


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