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BUG report for Plus (1 reply and 1 comment)

4 months ago
LesB 4 months ago

Sometimes when pressing the "save" icon the program will spazz into an error message. However if I do a alt-F-S immediately afterward, it saves with no problem.

The lack of a schematic link is a more important issue to me, though.

scott caskey
4 months ago
scott caskey 4 months ago

Absolutely.  I just discovered that there is no schematic link feature.  I thought I just didn't understand how to do it because what PCB program on the planet cannot link to the schematic???   So basically IMO I wasted any time I spent on the PLUS working on board layouts.   I won't touch it again until they have the schematic link complete.  Preferably with a rats nest for the nets so that you can identify missing components.  

4 months ago

Sorry about the issue your having when you hit save! Try rebooting your system or reinstalling ExpressPCB Plus.

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