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Custom pad with .2mm hole (1 reply)

William DeCook
3 years ago
William DeCook 3 years ago

Can custom pads be made with a 0.2mm hole? The smallest custom hole size option I see is 0.51mm. There is a library via with a 0.2mm hole, but I'd like to reduce the pad size. I suppose this raises another question about the minimum annular ring on a through-hole pad. Can't seem to find this in the manufacturing specification anywhere.

For my purpose, it is ok (actually preferred) if the plated hole is filled. A BGA will be soldered to these pads and I would like a direct thermal path to the opposite side of the board.

3 years ago
ExpressPCB 3 years ago

We do have BGA pads in ExpressPCB that might work for you, 0.30mm is the smallest. The the best way to connect it to the other side of the board would be to add a small via to a trace connected to the BGA pad. The annular ring will be a 90 degree break out or less.

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