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ExpressPCB Plus comments/issues (2 replies)
2 years ago

First of all I am really excited about Plus, and looking forward to being able to use it for development. I have already ordered a board transferred over from Classic, and added bottom silk-screens!

Observations/Questions thus far:

  1. Calling up any Help causes a crash.
  2. Can you please get rid of SHIFT for mouse/keyboard scrolling? Classic was very easy to use in that respect, with keyboard panning or scroll-wheel dragging. I don't understand what the scroll-wheel click is doing at the moment.
  3. Will there be a way to import Classic library parts?
2 years ago
MarkSH 2 years ago

I tried out the ExpressPCB Plus last week and to be honest I was not that impressed with it, so I uninstalled it and will wait a year or so until it is stable and works better.  
I believe it needs a lot more development and to get rid of the bugs before it is to the standard of some of the other PCB design software available.
I will still use 7.5.0 (which also needs tweaking here and there) but on the whole is stable.

ExpressPCB Admin
2 years ago
ExpressPCB Admin 2 years ago

Hi Adrian


I am have not had any reports of the Help Menu causing crashes. The help manuals are just PDF Files. They are linked in your Start Menu.

The scroll wheel click re-centers your design to full view.

We will have a release shortly that makes importing parts easier. 


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