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ExpressPCB Plus file type interchangeability (1 reply)

Alex Lavens
2 years ago
Alex Lavens 2 years ago

Hello All,


So I've been using the new PCB Plus program and have created a couple components that I wanted to add into the community library.  When I went to upload my component it would not accept the .rrb file type.  I understand Plus came out a week or so ago so this may not have yet been updated.  

The question that came out of this was if you can transfer over files from the Classic version of ExpressPCB into Plus.  I tried going from PCB Plus back to the classic version and it didn't work, so I'm not sure about the other way around yet (I have not tried it yet).  


Let me know!  I really like Plus so far.  

ExpressPCB Admin
2 years ago
ExpressPCB Admin 2 years ago

Hi Alex

We are working on an easier way to import the Classic Layout Parts. For right now you can use this process

  • File - New
  • Enter Part Number and Revision in the Board tab
  • Enter Category Name in the Categories Field in Documentation Tab
  • Drag ExpressPCB Classic part file “filname.p” to ExpressPCB Plus
  • Verify there a part name the description section of the Ribbon Menu.
  • Go to Design Info - Board Properties
  • File - Save to User Defined Parts Folder

Classic Design files can be imported into Plus. 4 Layer boards may need some clean up. Please inspect all Classic Designs imported into Plus. Plus files are not backward compatible with Classic version.
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