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Feature Request - Change Log (2 replies)

2 months ago
decosse 2 months ago

This request is for both Express PCB AND Express Schematic

Can you add a linked User-editable Changelog Addendum 'notes' page - this would be very useful in recording changes made to previous revision of the layout or schematic. 

Currently the only record of change is on the title/rev block in the corner - which is great for knowing what rev/date the drawing IS, but you have to maintain a separate (unlinked) note-file to keep track of your changes. 

I recognize this doesn't add anything to the file regards manufacturing, but it would be REALLY useful for the end-user. 

Thanks for considering. 

dfs service
4 weeks ago
dfs service 4 weeks ago

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Sean Evans
5 days ago
Sean Evans 5 days ago

Yes, I would like a recording of the changes I made too.  I would appreciate that very much if you can incorporate that.  Cincinnati marketing companies

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