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Garbage. (1 reply)

Chris Burrus
8 months ago
Chris Burrus 8 months ago

I have spent hours creating custom components for a fairly complex board only to find out that there is no way to import the schematic into ExpressPCB Plus.  Unreal.  Evidently this application has been released for over a year, and still can't manage to do something as basic and necessary as bringing in a netlist.  

The old rule holds true, free software is only free if your time is worth nothing.

Switching to KiCAD and taking my money to your competitors.  Thanks for nothing, ExpressPCB.


8 months ago
ExpressPCB 8 months ago

You can still link your schematic with ExpressPCB Classic. We are still working on the link option to link with ExpressPCB Plus and hope to have it available soon.

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