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IC Pads (2 replies)

Peter Hooper
7 months ago
Peter Hooper 7 months ago

Excuse me but I am new to Express PCB software, previously used Traxmaker years ago. I prefer to use the IC pad styles in Traxmaker defined as a "rounded rectangle" rather than the ExpressPCB round or square pads. Is it possible to produce the rounded rectangle pads in this software. Thanks in advance.

7 months ago
ExpressPCB 7 months ago

We are really sorry but we only offer round and rectangle pads at this time.

Tovino Thomas
7 months ago
Tovino Thomas 7 months ago

I'm making a nixie clock for my high school major project, and I am designing my own PCB to mount many of the essential components on using ExpressPCB. This is my first time designing a PCB and I have some noob questions regarding the program. I have several integrated circuits and resistors on the chip, and I have them set to the top layer, because I obviously want them all on the top. But I understand that I have to solder them from the bottom of the PCB, However, for the ICs (not the resistors though), there are traces connecting to different pins from both the top and bottom layers of the PCB, as I have decided to use the top layer for logic and the bottom layer for power and ground (except for three logic lines I put on the bottom layer so they could cross under some logic lines on the top layer) to prevent traces from crossing over. I'm worried that this means I will be unable to solder on certain components the way I want, and I need to know what traces I should be putting on what layers

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