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New ExpressPCBPlus - no arrow movements possible and where is the break/re-route function ..? (1 reply)
2 years ago 2 years ago


I've been playing around with the new Plus (1.0.9) a bit and the first (?) things that bothers me is:

  • I can't find the 'break & re-route' function
  • I miss the go left, right, up and down command/buttons
  • I also miss the right-click/left-click 'lose-the-last-mouse-selection'

Also it's not possible to tell the current PGM-version (1.0.8/1.0.9) via 'Help', 'About ...' screen ..!



ExpressPCB Admin
2 years ago
ExpressPCB Admin 2 years ago

For panning hold the shift they and left mouse button or arrow keys.

Shift key and clicl About Menu will show full version but we are changing that soon. 

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