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No more "Highlight net" in Plus? (3 replies)

2 years ago
Brian 2 years ago

Let me know if you found it. I can't seem to highlight a net. There is no way to link the schematic to the pcb layout. That makes this new Plus version unusable despite its many cool new features. Please tell me I'm missing something!


ExpressPCB Admin
2 years ago
ExpressPCB Admin 2 years ago

We are working on that. For now if you have to use this process you can still do this part in the classic version then finish your design in Plus.

Pablo Dana
2 years ago
Pablo Dana 2 years ago

Looks like I wrote in the wrong place before (geez...)

I totally agree with Brian!

The "highlight net" is the most practical tool ever in ExpressPCB and I can´t believe that you guys think "Well, let's get rid of this crapy function"... C'mooon! Really?

I hope we can see in the future more real tunning and less "we fixed how to collect money"...seriously

1 year ago
AP3 1 year ago
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