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Mikiko Anhoco
11 months ago
Mikiko Anhoco 11 months ago

Hi folks,

There has been a bit of activity regarding PCB production lately. Thought I'd report on a recent personal experience with ExpressPCB.

I use quite a few TTL-RS232 converters in my projects and usually build them up as needed; many times on perfboard or veroboard. Recently, I decided to build a small board to use a MAX233 or ST232 to speed up the process.

The circuits are very simple so I jumped right to the layout software supplied by ExpressPCB. This is first time I've used the flat rate service giving 3 boards for $51. To keep costs down, only tinned traces and plated through holes are included. Solder mask and silkscreen layer are available at extra cost. The size of the board allowed me to put 4 converters on each of the 3 three included boards.

I pressed the "order" button Tuesday afternoon and the boards arrived Friday about noon via international courier. Quality was excellent and the circuits worked correctly.

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