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Schematic copy/paste (1 reply)

Yiannis Papelis
3 years ago
Yiannis Papelis 3 years ago

I want to re-use a portion of one schematic into a new schematic but I can't get the copy/paste function to work.  I can copy past a portion of the schematic within the same file, but never across files.

Is there a way to include portion of one schematic file into another schematic file?

3 years ago
ExpressPCB 3 years ago

 You can copy and paste more than one design into one board. You have to have only one instance of ExpressPCB running showing the board you want to copy. Then select the the part you want to copy. Hit "Ctrl C" on your keyboard then go to the "File" tab in the top left corner of the same instance of ExpressPCB and select "New". Then select "Open" and select the design you want to add. Then you can "Right click paste" or "Clrl V" to paste the original design back in. You will want to readjust the perimeter line around all the boards. Keep in mind if you have applied any keep outs for the solder mask it will not be transferred with copy and paste.

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