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Tube components (1 reply)

Charles Roberts
3 years ago
Charles Roberts 3 years ago

  I've been trying to figure out a way to make a vacuum tube component. The main problem appears that there is not way to make a circle of any type.  Silk screen would be be great but there MUST be a where to define the number of pins in the pie (including a black space).

  Without a circle it will be almost impossible to do vacuum tube (at least a round one, let alone a oblong obong one!).

  I also need a 'hole' that is just a hole in the PCB. 

 Any help out there?

C Robets

3 years ago
ExpressPCB 3 years ago

Hi Charles,

If you want to contact me here at ExpressPCB customer support, I have some tube components I can email you. You can email me at

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