ExpressPCB International

ExpressPCB ships printed circuit boards everywhere in the world.

ExpressPCB is a popular choice internationally because of our outstanding manufacturing quality and we are much faster than most all of the European and Asian PCB sources. Although our international customers pay a little more in shipping, the total cost is about the same as their local PCB supplier, sometimes less, and the boards are delivered many days sooner.

Perhaps the main reason we are so widely used around the world is our circuit design software. The ExpressPCB layout program is without a doubt the easiest to learn and use. Most customers master our software in under an hour.

Prices and Currency

All of our PCB prices are quoted in US dollars. You will find the pricing formulas for each of our manufacturing options listed on our website. To get an exact quote for having your boards made, use the Compute board costs command built into the ExpressPCB layout program. It will quote both the board manufacturing and international shipping costs.

Currency Conversion


We accept payment by credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express). We will bill your credit card in US dollars, the exact amount quoted by the ExpressPCB program. The credit card company will automatically convert to your currency using the current exchange rate.


ExpressPCB ships internationally using UPS World Wide Express. The average shipping time is 2-3 business days. The typical shipping cost for 2-10 boards to most European countries is about $45 US. Shipping to Mexico and Canada is about $36 US.

Duties and Taxes

Some countries may add an additional customs fee or tax. These fees are not collected by ExpressPCB, but are typically paid to the shipping company when your package arrives. If you have questions about customs fees and taxes, we recommend contacting UPS (United Parcel Service) in your country to learn more about ordering from the United States.