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Another Custom Component Question (1 reply and 1 comment)

Christopher Prioli
2 weeks ago
Christopher Prioli 2 weeks ago

OK -- Here is another question about the creation of custom components that will behave in the desired manner. How can I create a  multi-part component whose individual sections can be moved independently from the other sections. An example of what I mean can be found in the standard component library in the form of the dual op-amp LM1458. Each section of this software-supplied component can be moved around in the schematic without having the other half follow it. I can't seem to emulate this desirable capability in my new components. What am I doing wrong here?

Hopefully, one of the board admins will see this topic and provide an answer...   🙂 

1 week ago
ExpressPCB 1 week ago

When you make a component and group it all the parts will be grouped together. You could make multiple components and give them the same name then add a number or part description. 

Christopher Prioli
4 days ago

OK -- I figured this one out... What needs to be done is to draw and group (but DO NOT save) the first section. When you group it, you give it the Part Name and Component Type identifier, Next draw and group the second section (again, DO NOT save it) and then save them together as a Custom Component. When placed into a schematic, the individual sections will be movable independent of each other.

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