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Express schematic 7.0.2 (1 reply)

Tyrone Burns
2 years ago
Tyrone Burns 2 years ago

Finally got around to plying with  Express Scematic 7.0.2 , works great but cannot save schematic as a .sch format. Exporting as a bitmap is OK, but cannot save file as .sch! 

I just downloaded the most recent version , but have not installed it , as I have a perfectly drawn schematic and hate to lose it!!



Michael Hebda
2 years ago
Michael Hebda 2 years ago

Tyrone, my apologies for the delayed response.  The Save (As) features have been available and functional in all versions we have released, and I am not aware of any historic issues to that version.  Is it possible the path doesn't exist, or write permissions are not available in that location; where this is more a system related issue?  That being said, several versions have been released since, as well as changes to operating systems by Windows.  The version 7.4 software is currently available for download on our website.  If further assistance is needed, contacting us by e-mail,,will help expedite the responses to questions or problems.  Thank you.

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