Free CAD Software

Start by downloading our free CAD software. It includes ExpressSCH for drawing schematics and ExpressPCB for circuit board layout.

Both programs are completely free, fully functional and easily installed with a single InstallShield setup program.

Learning to use our software is fast because of its standardized Windows user interface. After spending the few minutes to learn one, the other takes almost no time because it works the same way.


Draw a Schematicexpresssch

We recommend that you begin your project by drawing a schematic. While not required, it will save you time when designing your PCB.

Drawing a schematic with theExpressSCH program is as easy as placing the components on the page and wiring the pins together.

The schematic can then be linked to your PCB file, so that the PCB knows what needs to be connected together.

More about ExpressSCH Schematic


Design your PCB


Designing 2 or 4 layer boards using the ExpressPCB program is very simple. Start by inserting the component footprints, then drag them into position. Next, connect the pins by drawing the traces.

If you link your schematic file to the PCB, the ExpressPCB program will highlight the pins that should be wired together in blue.

More about ExpressPCB Layout


 Instant Quotescomputecost

After completing your layout, you can determine how much it will cost and how long it will take to have your boards made.

The ExpressPCB program displays the exact manufacturing cost by selecting the Compute Board Costcommand from the Layout menu.


Double Check your PCB



xCheck analyzes PCB designs created with ExpressPCB and ExpressSCH, identifying problems that should be fixed before manufacturing the board.

xCheck is developed by Software Gizmos. All support for xCheck software is provided by Software Gizmos.


 Order your PCBsPhotoMiniboardPCB1_140 Photo4LayerProdPCB1_140

Now the fun part. You order your PC boards directly from the ExpressPCB layout program. Here is how:

1. Run ExpressPCB and select Order Boards Via The Internet from the Layout menu.

2. In the order form fill in your name, address, email address and the quantity of boards you need.

3. To pay for the boards, we bill your credit card the exact amount shown by the Compute Boards cardsCosts command. But don’t worry, we encrypt your credit card number, along with the entire order before it is sent over the Internet.

4. Press the Place Order button to submit your order. It is sent directly to the ExpressPCB server.

More PCB Ordering Information


ExpressPCB/SCH 7.5.0

Download ExpressPCB/SCH for XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.