MiniBoardPlus Standard

Our MiniBoardPlus Standard Service is our least expensive PCB option. These are the same high quality PCBs as our other manufacturing services, but with a fixed size and quantity. By standardizing the size and number, we can offer these boards at a very low price.

Cutoff Time for all services is 2 PM Eastern Time. We only manufacture orders placed via our ExpressPCB Software.


PhotoMiniBoardStandardPCB_800MiniBoardPlus Standard are two layer boards with plated through holes. They do not include the solder mask or silkscreen layers which are primarily cosmetic. Electrically, these boards are first rate with bright shiny traces and pads. Because they do not have green solder masks, they are the yellowish color of the industry standard FR-4 laminate.

  • 2 Layer MiniBoardPlus Standard –  2 Layer – $51 / 3 PCBs – 1 Day
  • New – Expanded Holes Size Options
  • New – No Maximum Hole Count
  • Tin/lead plating
  • Board size must be 3.8 x 2.5 inches

Manufacturing Specs


Standard MiniBoard Plus
Layers2 Layer
Lead Time1 Day
Maximum Board SizeBoards are cut in a rectangle 3.8 x 2.5 inches. 
Minimum Board SizeBoards are cut in a rectangle 3.8 x 2.5 inches. 
Panelize Muliple BoardsMultiple circuits can be pasted together on a single board, but we do not cut them apart. The perimeter of a board cannot include long slots as they can cause manufacturing problems. We are not responsible for any defects that are a result of routing multiple circuits on a single board.
Minimum Trace and SpaceEtching resolution is: 0.006″ minimum trace width, 0.006″ minimum space width.
Inner LayersNo Inner Layers
Solder MaskNone
Silk ScreenNone
Surface FinishTin\Lead
Solder Mask Pad ToleranceNo Soldermask Layer
MaterialOur 2 layer laminate is .059" FR-4 epoxy glass which includes .0007" copper on each side (industry standard 1/2 ounce copper base). We plate an additional .001" copper on the surface after drilling and imaging, resulting in a copper thickness on the surface of ~0.0017″.
Dielectric ConstantThe dielectric constant of our FR-4 laminate ranges from 4.2 to 5.0.
Plated HolesBoards are manufactured double-sided with all holes plated-through.
Maximum Hole CountNone
HolesMinimum 0.008″ - Max 0.251″. Hole sizes in between as specified in software.
Hole ToleranceThese sizes are the finished hole diameters after plating. The 0.014″ hole may be filled with solder and can only be used as via. The tolerance for the 0.020″ hole is +0.003 / -0.005. The tolerance for the other hole sizes are +/- 0.004″.
Hole Location ToleranceOur hole location tolerance is +/- 0.005”. As such, the tolerance between two holes would be +/- 0.010”.
Minimum Hole DistanceA minimum of 0.021″ space must remain between adjacent holes. For example, the center-to-center distance between two pads with 0.020″ holes must be 0.041″ or greater.
Internal Slots and CutoutsNone
Perimeter SlotsNo Perimeter Slots
Perimeter RoutingThe edges of the board are cut with an accuracy of +/- 0.015″. A minimum of 0.020″ blank space is recommended between the perimeter and all features on the board. Traces placed closer than 0.015″ to the board’s edge may be routed off.
TemperatureThe maximum operating temperature is 125 degrees C.