Our Mission

The concept of ExpressPCB is to make designing electronics with printed circuit boards easy, fast, inexpensive and fun. Before now, this has not been the case for several reasons.

Our Software

PCB layout software previously available has largely fallen into two groups. The software in the first group is typically priced under $500. Reviewing these packages, one generally finds Windows applications converted from, or inspired by DOS based user interfaces. It’s clear that the majority of these programs are developed ignoring the past 10 years of user interface design. Another common problem in this group is buggy code.

The packages in the second group are the professional versions, typically priced in the thousands of dollars. These have two problems for the casual user, price and complexity. Obviously, amortizing $3000 over a few projects is not practical for the hobbyist, grad student, or small business. The professional systems also have a big learning curve. On one hand they have many sophisticated features; on the other hand they make doing simple jobs unnecessarily difficult.

Having Boards Made

Having prototyping quantities of PC boards made has also been a problem. Most local fabrication houses are geared toward larger orders. Because of this, they usually have a minimum order of around $300 and delivery times of 1 to 2 weeks, unless you pay significantly more for their rush service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to solve the software and manufacturing problem for low cost, quick turnaround prototyping. Our software does this by giving you a tool at no cost with all the right features that can be mastered in a single evening. We solve the manufacturing problem by combining the speed and world-wide coverage of the Internet and overnight delivery, with a first rate fabrication house that is focused on efficient manufacturing of double-sided and four-layer PC boards.


If you feel your boards are flawed due to a manufacturing defect, please let us know.  What we need, is to see the problem.  You can either send us back a board, or email a picture showing the flaw.  You can use a digital camera or a flat bed scanner to make the image.  Whatever way you use, be sure and mark the problem area with a felt tip pen so we can review the affected area. ExpressPCB will rebuild your PCBs.