Screaming Circuits Assembly


Is it time for professional PCB assembly?

ExpressPCB has gotten you to where you are: your design is ready, you’re about to get great PC boards at a great price. Now it’s time to get them built. Screaming Circuits is partnered with ExpressPCB for just that purpose. Simply provide your ExpressPCB file and ExpressPCB Order Number. No Gerber conversion necessary!

Parts are more complex than they used to. Many new parts are only available in BGA, QFN, or wafer level chip scale packages. Passives are getting smaller as well, with 0201 size parts becoming common. With Screaming Circuits as your assembly partner, you can use the latest in chip packaged with the assurance it will be built right, and on time.

Screaming Circuits is here to help. We build prototypes and small volume production. From as few as a single board, to several thousand. We build fast, and we don’t charge any NRE. And, we quote and order the way you’re used to: online. Get and instant online quote, and then place your order online.