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ExpressPCB MiniBoard Box Project (4 replies and 2 comments)

ExpressPCB Admin
3 years ago
ExpressPCB Admin 3 years ago

We are starting a new project here at ExpressPCB. Introducing the MiniBoard Box. This design is based off of the Adafruit Pi Box and available under the Creative Commons - Attrition - Share Alike license.

We have the basic Basic MiniBoard Box Prototype available. We are inviting our customers to try the MiniBoard box for free for a limited time and provide feedback in our MiniBoard Box Project Forum post.

Here is an image of the assembled MiniBoard Box. The box comes in 6 acrylic pieces that snap together quickly.


The idea is to have two options for purchasing the MiniBoard Box.

  1. The Basic MiniBoard Box available for purchase. This can then be modified as you wish with your own tools.
  2. We provide a custom template to download where you can add ports, vents, engraving, etc to the design. Upload this design and we build your custom MiniBoard Box for you.

Since the MiniBoard Box comes in 6 individual pieces you can mix and match custom sides that you have created!

The ExpressPCB community will be a great place to share your custom MiniBoard Box designs for others to have custom made or modify themselves.

We are excited to share this experience and look forward to all of your feedback on this project!

This offer is open to the first 25 requests. Once the 25 slots are filled the ExpressPCB MiniBoard Box will be removed from the store.

Here is how to get involved.

  1. Go to our online store and order your MiniBoard Box for FREE.
  2. Check it out. See if you can modify it to your liking.
  3. Provide feedback here in the forum.


  1. Download the MiniBoard Box Template attached to this post and edit your custom box in the free software called InkScape.
  2. Select Custom Option on the order form when ordering your MiniBoard box and upload your modified file.
  3. Provide feedback here in the forum.

Use the coupon miniboardboxfree for free shipping.

Project Resources

InkScape Software (Free)

InkScape Template for EpressPCB MiniBoard Enclosure


ExpressPCB Admin
3 years ago
ExpressPCB Admin 3 years ago

We have reached the goal of 25 requests! Thank you all very much and we are looking forward to your feedback!


If you did not get a chance to receive a MiniBoard Box you can still ask questions, make suggestions and participate in the project. The more feedback the better!! 

3 years ago

My MiniBoard Box arrived the other day, it looks fantastic! I have a prototype of a Solar Charge Controller on a mini board and found it fix the box with a snug fit. I'll need to cut a couple holes in the top lid to pass the Anderson Power Pole connects, but it already looks great! This is a fantastic idea and look forward to when I can order more!
Thanks for the great box!

ExpressPCB Admin
3 years ago

Very Cool! I am glad to hear the MiniBoard Box met your needs. We would love to see some pictures of your project if you would like to share.

Julian H
3 years ago
Julian H 3 years ago

This is fascinating. Disappointed I missed the timing on this (I know, I know, by four months!), but still, this is super intriguing. Curious to see if a new revisions of this becomes available for purchase at a later date. 

圆圆 奚
5 months ago
圆圆 奚 5 months ago

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Sean Evans
2 months ago
Sean Evans 2 months ago

Is the PCB miniboard box still available in the market?  I would like my electronics students to use it in their project.

American Electric

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