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PCB Design Wannabe - Where To Start? (1 reply and 1 comment)

Julian H
1 month ago
Julian H 1 month ago

Express PCB community! Having spent the last few weeks messing with Express PCB, I'm interested in taking things further and actually, like, making something worthwhile. I'm not entirely green (PCBs are green...get it?!): I have some basic electronics experience and I've got the basics down (like this I'm planning on using Express PCB, but now I'm looking for any go-to beginners guides related to PCB design, electronics and the like. I'm fairly well versed in the basics, as I've mentioned, but don't have as much practical experience when it comes to the design process and taking that from on-screen idea to real-world, working hardware.

Sparkfun ( is my current go-to and I'm pouring over as many guides as I can, but I like to diversify my resources, so any recommendations from the awesome Express PCB community? If so, I'd love to see them! 

ExpressPCB Admin
4 weeks ago
ExpressPCB Admin 4 weeks ago

Hi Julian! Welcome to ExpressPCB.

There is a video tutorial here called ExpressPCB Schematic and PCB Part 1 that walks through making a project from concept to finish.

There is also a written tutorial for another project in our documents section.

I hope these help!!

Julian H
4 weeks ago

Perfect! Thanks for these - exactly what I was looking for. Looks like I have some content to dig into over the holidays 🙂

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