Why use ExpressPCB

ExpressPCB is designed to enable very fast rapid development of Electronic Schematics and Printed Circuit Board Layouts. Beginners and especially advance users can quickly move an idea from concept to a physical PCB. Place your order right in the software!

Our Mission

Our mission is to solve the software and manufacturing problem for low cost, quick turnaround prototyping. Our software does this by giving you a tool at no cost with all the right features that can be mastered in a single evening. We solve the manufacturing problem by combining the speed and world-wide coverage of the Internet and overnight delivery, with a first rate fabrication house that is focused on efficient manufacturing of double-sided and four-layer PC boards.


ExpressPCB’s Schematic and Layout tools are simple and unencumbered by multiple layers of menus, options and settings more advanced PCB Design suites require mastering before you even start on your design project.

Advanced Users

If you are in a crunch and need to quickly turn out a prototype to get your project off the ground then ExpressPCB is for you! If you have used other PCB Design tools before then ExpressPCB will allow you to quickly get your projects started.

Our Customers

The customers of ExpressPCB range from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs working in their garages.

Many large names in electronics such as HP, IBM, and Fairchild Semiconductor use ExpressPCB because we deliver high quality boards in just a few days. We frequently receive orders from students and faculty at universities including Stanford and MIT. We also make boards for a number of individuals working on interesting projects of their own. A few have been kind enough to send pictures for our website. See our Customer Showcase.