Combat Robot

Built by Greg Campbell, this robot has been designed to fight in the Super Heavyweight class of the BattleBots Bowl. The robot’s main weapons are the beak and lifting arm.


The World Peace robot is powered by a modified chainsaw engine driving a hydraulic pump at 2000 psi. Two hydraulic motors are used to drive the robot with separate left and right proportional valves for steering and speed control.

The onboard controller (designed with ExpressPCB) selects the best of two 9600 baud RF links with instructions from the operator. Using this data, the board controls the vehicle and arm by adjusting the engine throttle and the numerous hydraulic valves that feed the actuators.
See the layout of this board.

box005BThis control box is used to operate the robot remotely via the dual RF links. The right joystick drives the robot while the left one operates the beak and lifting arm. The front panel controls select between the robot’s five operating modes.

Onboard the robot are 8 circuit boards: processor board, interface board, dual channel receive board, I/O interface board, two hydraulic valve driver boards, status display board, and the engine starter interface. Each made using the ExpressPCB layout program and board manufacturing service. The processor board that controls the robot is based on the National Semiconductor COP8 microcontroller.



The photographs are courtesy of Greg & David Campbell
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