Does ExpressPCB have Edge Connector components?

Our library does not include edge connectors.  However you can make your own.

We recommend creating the fingers using surface mount pads. You will want to create a custom surface mount pad the exact size of the finger.  Use the “Pad Manager” to create the pad.

When placing the fingers, you may find it helpful to temporarily set the “Snap to grid spacing” to the finger spacing of the connector.

Should you choose to use our “Production” or “ProtoPro” manufacturing options, we recommend that you read the online help topic “Understanding The Layers Of A PCB”.  The online help is available from within the ExpressPCB program.  This topic will provide information about uncovering the edge connector on the solder mask layers.  You might also want to take a look at the topic “Changing the board perimeter”.

We do not offer Gold Plating.