What are the details of your FR4 material?

  • High Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) (150Tg or 170Tg)
  • High Decomposition Temperature (Td) (> 325º C)
  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) ((3.0%-3.8%)
  • Dielectric Constant (@1 GHz): 4.25-4.55
  • Dissipation Factor (@ 1 GHz): 0.016
  • UL rated (94V-0, CTI = 4)
  • Compatible with standard and lead-free assembly.
  • Operating temperature is 125 degrees C.

While the laminate has a UL flammability rating UL rated (94V-0, CTI = 4), we do not stamp a UL rating on the boards.  As a result, the boards that we manufacture are not UL rated.