How to order PCBs

Ordering boards from ExpressPCB is very easy. All orders are placed from our ExpressPCB layout program with your circuit board file loaded. Our layout software is completely free, and easy to install. For instructions on downloading and installing it, please visit:

Download ExpressPCB

We recommend before placing an order that you review our different manufacturing options. We offer a number of choices, some geared toward ordering small quantities (as few as 2 circuit boards), and others priced better for large orders. To learn about the different manufacturing choices we offer, including our pricing formulas, visit:

Manufacturing Services

When you are ready to place your order, here is what you do:

There is no special procedure for reordering boards that we have previously made. To reorder boards, just place a new order with the same pcb design loaded as outlined here.

1. Run the ExpressPCB program on your computer and load your .PCB layout file.

2. Before submitting an order, you can get an exact quote to have the boards made using the Compute board cost command from the Layout menu.

3. To place the order, select Order Boards Via The Internet from the Layout menu (you must first have your .PCB file loaded).

4. In the order form, fill in your name, address and email address. Select the manufacturing option you want (i.e. Standard, Production, 4 Layer-Production, etc) and enter the quantity of boards you need.

5. To pay for the boards, enter your credit card information into the order form.

Credit Card Only
The only method of payment we accept is credit card. We accept: Visa, MasterCard and American Express. The credit card information must be entered into the ExpressPCB program at the same time the order is placed. ExpressPCB does not accept or sign Purchase Order Agreements.

6. Before your order is sent, you will have a chance to review the exact cost. To submit the order, press the Send button. You will receive email confirming the order within one hour.

You can find additional information on how to place an order in the online help that is part of the ExpressPCB program. Look under the Help menu for Having PC Boards Made.

If you have any questions about placing an order, please feel free to send us a note.