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Support Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time

We provide support to our customers by email. We are very responsive to email, usually within a few hours. If you do not hear back after one business day, a spam filter is likely the issue.

You can contact ExpressPCB about our CAD software, our circuit board manufacturing service, placing orders, payment of orders, or orders previously submitted by sending email to:



ExpressPCB is now actively registered with System for Award Management (SAM), the Official U.S. Government system that consolidated the capabilities of CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS.

ExpressPCB, LLC
13626 S. Freeman Rd.
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How do I add my employees to my Business Membership?

Once you have purchased your business membership, as the subscription manager you can request to have employees added your account ...
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How to Use Stencils

Follow these quick and easy instructions to start using your new prototype stencil. Purchase stencils. 1. Example of the prototype stencil ...
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What are the details of your FR4 material?

High Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) (150Tg or 170Tg) High Decomposition Temperature (Td) (> 325º C) Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ...
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Do you offer PCB Assembly?

We do not offer PCB Assembly services. We only manufacture bare boards ...
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Can I order Production Service with no soldermask?

Yes. To ensure no soldermask on the top or bottom layer, use the rectangle tool to mask out the soldermask ...
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How do I reorder my ExpressPCB design?

If you would like to reorder boards, the procedure is the same as when they were ordered the first time.  ...
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Will you quote my Gerber files or files from other design tools?

Unfortunately our manufacturing service is only available to orders from our ExpressPCB design software. For manufacturing orders from Gerber files ...
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Can I have my ExpressPCB design converted to Gerber files?

You can now request gerber files right from our software when ordering your PCBs!  There is no longer any additional ...
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Will you design my circuit board for me?

We do not provide design services for creating circuit boards ...
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I ordered the wrong service. Can you add soldermask and silkscreen to my boards?

It is not possible to add these other layers, once the boards have been cut out of the large panel ...
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Can I combine shipping for multiple orders?

We do not offer combined shipping. Our automated order processing system charges an estimated shipping costs with each order. This ...
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What is the UL rating of your FR-4 material?

Our boards are made using the industry standard FR4 laminate. While the laminate has a UL flammability rating UL rated (94V-0, ...
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How can I get a stencil made for my ExpressPCB board?

The easiest way to have stencils made for your ExpressPCB board go to our store and order one of our ...
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How do I measure distance in ExpressPCB?

To make measurements you can use the mouse and reading its position on the status line.  Be sure to turn ...
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Is there an Apple or Linux version?

Our PCB layout software is designed Windows operating systems only. However, ExpressPCB has been independently tested to run on Wine with ...
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Do you accept purchase orders or COD?

We do not accept purchase orders or COD. The only methods of payment are MasterCard, Visa and American Express ...
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How do I install custom components?

To find where your custom components are stored on your computer click on the Components Menu then select Component Information ...
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Can I run ExpressPCB on Linux or Mac OS X?

ExpressPCB has been independently tested to run on Wine with Linux and MAC OS X. This has been independently verified. WineHQ ...
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Can I add non-plated mounting holes?

All holes in ExpressPCB are plated through holes. We do not offer non-plated holes ...
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Can I make custom components?

Yes. All of the component models that we have are included with the ExpressPCB layout and the ExpressSCH schematic programs.  For ...
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Can I share my custom components with others?

Yes. You can share them on a network or copy to other computers. Network Sharing Place the components on a ...
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Why can’t I update my pricing file?

The “Update Pricing File” command built into the ExpressPCB program may be prevented from working by some corporate Internet firewalls ...
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Why am I getting an error while placing my order.

The “Order boards via the Internet” command built into the ExpressPCB program may be prevented from working by some corporate ...
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Can I make a circular board in ExpressPCB?

To make circular boards, you can select any of our manufacturing options except “MiniBoard”. The online help within the ExpressPCB ...
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What is the difference between a Pad and a VIA?

You want to use pads in places where you will be soldering a component lead.  Feel free to connect traces ...
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How do I view layers in ExpressPCB?

On a double sided board, the pads of a through-hole component are on both the top and bottom layers.  That ...
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Can I print my PCB design?

The ExpressPCB and ExpressSCH programs print 1 to 1 unless what is being printed is too large (with reasonable margins) ...
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How do I fix Run Time errors?

A) Try this first: 1) Uninstall ExpressPCB from the control panel 2) Search your computer for these files, then delete ...
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Can I flip or mirror my layout?

ExpressPCB does not have the functionality to mirror or flip the layout ...
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Can I export to DXF format?

Yes, there are several options for exporting to DXF format using ExpressPCB Classic.  (Please note, this feature has not yet ...
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What is the difference between a thermal pad and a solid pad?

Typically thermal pads are used when a pad is connected to a plane and a component lead will be soldered ...
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Does ExpressPCB have Edge Connector components?

Our library does not include edge connectors.  However you can make your own. We recommend creating the fingers using surface ...
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