Wind Reader

Photo1BVictor Fraenckel designed and built the “WindReader”, a device that measures the wind’s speed and direction. The instrument combines a commercially available theodolite telescope with custom electronics. The operator uses the WindReader to track a helium balloon as it ascends in the atmosphere to as high as 15,000 feet.

Photo2BThe optical theodolite is adapted to include two microprocessors, an electronic compass and a two axis accelerometer. These devices continuously measure the azimuth and elevation angles to the balloon as it rises. The accelerometers act as a two axis tilt meter.

The electronics is built using ExpressPCB circuit boards in combination with OEM electronic modules and custom circuitry. The microprocessors used are Basic programmable BX24 stamps. The sensors are a ADXL202 two axis accelerometer and V2X Electronic Compass.

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The photographs are courtesy of Victor Fraenckel
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