Can I have my ExpressPCB design converted to Gerber files?

You can order gerber files right from our online store! Simply chose Gerber File Conversion and enter your ExpressPCB order number. Gerber File Conversion is $60.

If you require multiple Gerber File conversions though out the year you can sign up for our ExpressPCB Membership . With ExpressPCB Membership you get your Gerber File Conversions for free plus discounts on stencils and other online products! Membership is $99/year.

We will generate the gerber files using the original PCB design file associated with your order number.  We will then email the gerber files back to you as an attachment. 

You will receive these files:
+ Top silkscreen layer
+ Top solder paste layer
+ Top soldermask layer
+ Top copper layer
+ Bottom copper layer
+ Bottom solder paste layer
+ Bottom soldermask layer
+ Drill file
+ 4 layer designs also include the 2 inner layers
+ Pick and Place Files