Can I print my PCB design?

The ExpressPCB and ExpressSCH programs print 1 to 1 unless what is being printed is too large (with reasonable margins) to fit on the page.   In this case, the printout is automatically scaled the down to fit the paper size.  The only way to print larger is output to a printer with a bigger paper size.

If you have a printer that can use larger page sizes, you can select the different paper bins in the “Print” dialog box.

Printing Inner Layer Connections

For four layer designs, Go to “Print” and select the inner layers. You would need to check more than one layer, i.e. the bottom copper layer as well. It will just print the inner layer connections. The purpose is to show which vias are connected to the power or ground plane.

Examples 4 Layer board print options.

MotorController-4Layer – Top Copper

MotorController-4Layer – Bottom Copper

MotorController-4Layer – SilkScreen-Pads-Text

MotorController-4Layer – SilkScreen

MotorController-4Layer – Inner Layer Connection Top

MotorController-4Layer – Inner Layer Connection Bottom