ExpressPCB Plus

PCB Layout Software

Current Release: 1.1.6

Our ExpressPCB circuit board layout program is a snap to learn and use. Laying out PCBs is easy, even for the first time user.

ExpressPCB Plus is our next generation PCB Layout software. ExpressPCB Plus is still a snap to learn, plus it provides many features not available in ExpressPCB Classic software and manufacturing services.

Have you been waiting to specify your own hole sizes, add traces to inner layers of your 4 Layer PCB and horizontally flip your design to work on the bottom layers?  Now you can and so much more!

Download Now and start exploring for yourself.

Requires .NET 4 Framework installed.

New Features:

  • Import ExpressPCB Classic Layout and Components
  • Flip Horizontal
  • Expanded Hole Sizes
  • Design Rule Check
  • Silkscreen on bottom layer
  • Traces on inner layers
  • Expanded Undo Function
  • Allow copy and paste between multiple instances of application
  • Component Builder
  • Advanced Component Search
  • Shift key to constrain horizontal or vertical movement
  • Auto number reference designator
  • Auto zoom and center netlist error
  • Ability to connect via to more than one inner layer for multiple ground planes
  • Highlight wires and pins in layout that are connected
  • Design Notes
  • Visual Board Revision Comparison
  • Enhanced Solder Mask Editing
  • Visual Design Gallery with Search and Filter
  • Enhance Part editing and grouping
  • Bill of Materials
  • Enhanced Printing Functionality
  • Streamlined PCB Ordering Process


ExpressPCB has a long history of providing reliable software and fast, competitive, high quality printed circuit boards. ExpressPCB Plus software is FREE, and when combined with our ExpressPCB Plus Manufacturing Services, you have a low cost and reliable PCB partner at your fingertips.

ExpressPCB Plus installer includes ExpressSCH Classic Schematic. Schematic linking is not available in ExpressPCB Plus and ExpressSCH Schematic at this time but is on the road map for future release.