New Promotional Pricing for MiniBoard and MiniBoardPro Services

2 Layer MiniBoard is now only $41
2 Layer MiniBoardPro is now only $61
4 Layer MiniBoardPro is now only $81
And that’s not all!

  • We are passing along additional discounts for Production orders of 50pcs and up!
  • We are passing along savings on shipping to International Customers.

Update your pricing file now in ExpressPCB to get these new offers!

ExpressPCB has worked hard over the years to streamline processes to be as efficient as possible. This allows ExpressPCB to pass savings to you, supporting oiur mission to help Design Engineers quickly bring their ideas to life with our free CAD Software and the lowest manufacturing cost possible. Time is money, so waiting weeks just to get prototype PCBs onto the test bench can have a huge impact on your project.

More exciting news is coming so stay tuned!!