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!!!Exemplary Support!!!

We’re a small audio manufacturing company that has been using EXPCB for all of our PCB ‘s for several years. Then in August 2019 something went wrong we couldn’t modify or store files or create new ones. We reported this to EXPCB but then discovered that we had the same problems with SPICE apps too. […]

ExpressPCB Holiday Schedule

We hope all of your plans are coming together nicely as the holidays approach!  Please note ExpressPCB will be closed for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as well as New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  These days will not be included in our manufacturing schedule, and will be reflected on e-mail confirmations for […]

Already have gerber files?

ExpressPCB receives regular requests from designers that have completed their designs, and are looking for manufacturing services with gerber files.  Unfortunately our manufacturing service is only available to order from our ExpressPCB design software. For those requests, we recommend you try!  They utilize the same PCB manufacturer as we do, so we can vouch […]


ExpressPCB prepares for solar eclipse.

On Monday, August 21, the US will view – what is for some – a once in a lifetime event: a solar eclipse. ExpressPCB® is located inside the 100% totality zone for the eclipse and we are excited to experience this natural phenomenon with our neighbors and with the world. And it seems the world is coming here to […]