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ExpressPCB prepares for solar eclipse.

On Monday, August 21, the US will view – what is for some – a once in a lifetime event: a solar eclipse. ExpressPCB® is located inside the 100% totality zone for the eclipse and we are excited to experience this natural phenomenon with our neighbors and with the world. And it seems the world is coming here to […]


Boolean Girl Project

ExpressPCB is proud to support a great Project! Boolean Box is a self-contained computer engineering kit for girls (and boys), designed for ages 8 and up. At our startup, Boolean Girl, we’ve taught hundreds of girls in our camps and classes to code using these simple, fun kits. As soon as they got their hands on […]


Modular Neuroprosthetic

The goal for this project is to produce a low cost modular neuroprosthetic.  By making the arm modular and localizing motors and their controllers within the components they control, the arm can be configured to fit multiple different kinds of amputees.  The user control aspect is also quite different from most neuroprosthetics. I hoped to […]


ExpressPCB MiniBoard Box Project

We are starting a new project here at ExpressPCB. Introducing the MiniBoard Box. This design is based off of the Adafruit Pi Box and available under the Creative Commons – Attrition – Share Alike license. We have the basic Basic MiniBoard Box Prototype available. We are inviting our customers to try the MiniBoard box for […]


How to Use Stencils

Follow these quick and easy instructions to start using your new prototype stencil. Purchase stencils. 1. Example of the prototype stencil as you will receive it. 2. Place the large L-shaped board fixture on a flat surface and tape it down to prevent movement. 3. Place the PCB into the L-shaped fixture. 4. Place the small L-shaped board fixture […]


ExpressPCB 7.4.1 Released

We have updated the Order Forms to include example images for the types of PCBs being ordered. Some customers choose a service, such as the Standard Service, by accident expecting to have Solder mask and Silk Screen. This change should help guide customers to choose the proper manufacturing services. Release Notes