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ExpressPCB 7.3.6 Released

We are upgrading the technology regarding how ExpressPCB communicates with ExpressPCB servers for updating pricing files and placing orders. In version 7.3.6 we have added a new option for the Updating Pricing File. The New method requires versions of Windows Vista and newer. For now there is an option to choose the Legacy method (Windows XP […]


Why choose RoHS compliant solder plating?

The electronics industry is in the process of eliminating lead from all manufactured products because of the environmental hazards associated with lead. ExpressPCB fully supports this change. RoHS helps reduce damage to people and the environment in third-world countries where much of today’s “high-tech trash” ends up. The use of lead-free solders and components has provided […]

ExpressPCB will be closed for Memorial Day 2016

ExpressPCB will be closed on May 30th, 2016 for in recognition of the Memorial Day Holiday. We honor those who lost their lives serving our country. Customer Support will be closed and orders normally due to ship on Memorial Day will ship the following day on Tuesday, May 31st.  

ExpressPCB Featured in May 2016 Nuts and Volts Magazine

ExpressPCB regularly appears in Nuts and Volts Magazine featured projects. In may ExpressPCB was used for Harry Moore’s May Nuts article: A Volume Controller Using Any Infrared Remote Control. The article is on page 24. You can access media files associated with various projects in magazines and books on our site in our Media Resources section or […]


FR4 and Voltage and Environment OH MY

Customer Question: How many volts will the 2 sided boards you sent me handle? The FR4 is good for 50kv.  However, I am concerned with one of my units being used in a high humidity environment, like the south where you can have 98F and 98% humidity.  Add to the mix a little film of […]


Slivers, Random Shorts And How to Prevent Them

No, I’m not talking about bad memories of a camping trip when I was 10 years old. Wearing 80s short shorts and running through the woods isn’t a great idea, neither is designing a PCB that increases the chance of a different kinds of slivers. Copper Slivers. These sneaky little devils seemingly pop up randomly […]


WhitakerAudio 40 W Stereo Amplifier

WhitakerAudio – ExpressPCB Customer Spotlight The 40 W XL Stereo Power Amplifier is an all vacuum tube design intended for moderate power output levels. A tube-based amplifier imposes some unusual requirements on circuit board design, notably high operating voltages and considerable heat from the active devices. The typical operating voltage of this amplifier (plate voltage) is 425 Vdc. […]


ExpressPCB – MAC OS X and a Bottle of Wine

At ExpressPCB we are constantly trying to find solutions for our current customers and future customers. A commonly asked question is “Do you have a version of ExpressPCB for MAC?” The official answer is: We do not. ExpressPCB is designed to run on Windows only. OS X is a Unix based operating system very different […]


ExpressPCB 7.3.5 Released!

Download the latest version of ExpressPCB! We have released version 7.3.5. Added Ground Shipping as a shipping option ProtoPro no longer requires .010 inch clearance from edge of board Added Link to Online Community Library in the Component Menu Download Now! Just a reminder about new Miniboard pricing! 2 Layer MiniBoard is now only $41 […]


New Promotional Pricing for MiniBoard and MiniBoardPro Services

2 Layer MiniBoard is now only $41 2 Layer MiniBoardPro is now only $61 4 Layer MiniBoardPro is now only $81 And that’s not all! We are passing along additional discounts for Production orders of 50pcs and up! We are passing along savings on shipping to International Customers. Update your pricing file now in ExpressPCB to […]