How to Use Stencils

Follow these quick and easy instructions to start using your new prototype stencil. Purchase stencils.

1. Example of the prototype stencil as you will receive it.
2. Place the large L-shaped board fixture on a flat surface and tape it down to prevent movement.
3. Place the PCB into the L-shaped fixture.
4. Place the small L-shaped board fixture in the opposite corner and tape down to prevent movement.
5. Align the stencil over the SMT pads and tape the flat edge to the L-shaped bracket.
6. Apply a bead of solder paste along one edge of the prototype stencil.
7. Using squeegee, make a single pass over the apertures to deposit paste.
8. Remove board from fixture.
9. Using the vacuum pick & place tool, place components in the paste.
10. Place temperature marker on the board. Using preferred method, (toaster oven, hot plate, heat gun, etc.) heat board to the paste manufactures recommendations for re-flow solder. The temp marker will indicate temperature by changing color.