ExpressPCB 7.3.6 Released

We are upgrading the technology regarding how ExpressPCB communicates with ExpressPCB servers for updating pricing files and placing orders. In version 7.3.6 we have added a new option for the Updating Pricing File.

The New method requires versions of Windows Vista and newer. For now there is an option to choose the Legacy method (Windows XP and older) or the New method. In order to move forward with ExpressPCB, Windows XP and older will no longer be supported in version 7.4.0 and beyond.

Version 7.3.6 will still be able to submit orders for the foreseeable future with limited support on Windows XP now that Microsoft support has ended. Your Windows XP computer may still work but it might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. .

If you are having problems updating your pricing file on Windows Vista or newer, please upgrade to version 7.3.6.

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