Why can’t I update my pricing file?

The “Update Pricing File” command built into the ExpressPCB program may be prevented from working by some corporate Internet firewalls and other computers running firewall software such as ZoneAlarm.  Virtual Machine software such as Oracle Virtual Box and Microsoft Hyper-V network drivers are known to have compatibility issues with ExpressPCB version 7.3.5 and below. Please upgrade to the latest version of ExpressPCB.

Things to check:

  • FireWall
    • Check Firewall on Computer or Network Router to ensure outbound port 21 is allowed.
  • Permissions
    • Windows 7,8, 10 – try to run ExpressPCB as Administrator.
      • Right Click on ExpressPCB Icon
      • In the Menu select “Run as Administrator”
    • Windows 7,8, 10  – Data Execution Prevention
      • Go to Control Panel
      • Click on System
      • Click Advanced System Settings in Left Menu
      • Click Settings in the Performance Section
      • Click Data Execution Prevention Tab
      • Select Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:
      • Click the Add button
      • Browse to C:\program files\expresspcb
      • Select ExpressPCB.exe
      • Click Open
      • Make sure there is a check in the box next to ExpressPCB
      • Click OK
      • Try running ExpressPCB and Test Internet Connection

Other Options:

To work around this problem, we have a web browser method that is very easy to use.  To get a current pricing file, please visit:

The same problem that you are having will likely prevent the “Update Pricing File” command from working too.  When you are ready to order your boards, you will also want to use our a web method: