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How do I view layers in ExpressPCB?

On a double sided board, the pads of a through-hole component are on both the top and bottom layers.  That way you can connect a trace to a pin when the trace is on either layer.  The view you see is of the top side of the board.  The top layer is shown in red […]

Can I print my PCB design?

The ExpressPCB and ExpressSCH programs print 1 to 1 unless what is being printed is too large (with reasonable margins) to fit on the page.   In this case, the printout is automatically scaled the down to fit the paper size.  The only way to print larger is output to a printer with a bigger paper […]

How do I fix Run Time errors?

A) Try this first: 1) Uninstall ExpressPCB from the control panel 2) Search your computer for these files, then delete them: tabctl32.oca tabctl32.ocx 3) Reinstall ExpressPCB 4) Test it, if that solves the problem, then you are done. B) If you cannot find the files on your computer, download them here. 1) Extract the files […]

Can I export to DXF format?

Yes, there are several options for exporting to DXF format using ExpressPCB Classic.  (Please note, this feature has not yet been implemented in ExpressPCB Plus.  It is on our roadmap, but we do not currently have a timeline available.) You choose one or all of these options: Silkscreen layer (component outlines and Part ID text) […]

Does ExpressPCB have Edge Connector components?

Our library does not include edge connectors.  However you can make your own. We recommend creating the fingers using surface mount pads. You will want to create a custom surface mount pad the exact size of the finger.  Use the “Pad Manager” to create the pad. When placing the fingers, you may find it helpful […]